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About Us

Meet Kenneth L. York Sr.


This all started when I noticed a need in today's society. There are increasing numbers of individuals who don't have or know a way to turn when they feel anxious or depressed. During my time in the U.S. Air Force, I had the honor to serve as an Honor Guardsman at Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana. I was honored to provide services to over 120 service men and women to show thanks on behalf of this nation. A staggering amount of those services were provided to individuals in their early 20's. Due to the great pressure that life and the military had on them, they decided to take their own lives. At that point, I knew that there was something that had to be done to protect my brothers and sisters. I then registered as a Green Dot, a mental health and suicide prevention advocate, to try and do something to lower and eliminate that number. 


Love Thy Self is my way of giving people a way to express themselves. Physically giving them affirmation that their life is worth fighting for. Suicide is not the answer, your story does not have to end here. I place the semi-colon large in the middle of each design to remind the wearer, your story is not over. Things may not be what you want them to be at this very point in time, but there is another part to it. Keep moving, one foot ahead of the other, and fight for your life. Love yourself first, and fight for you. 

Choose yourself, and choose life!

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